Spanish rental laws

Marbella long term rental laws

Marbella long term rental laws

Ethics Statement: I have not been paid, sponsored or shown favours by the Legal service that we are linking to and recommending in this post. We are linking to this Law firm as relived that these worrisome areas known as Spanish law in regarding your Spanish rental property can now become clear or clearer at least

Hello. As Marbella estate agents called CMH.Properties, we also have a number of Marbella long term rentals and Marbella holiday rentals. This side of our business comes with it, it seems bigger responsibilities and a closer working relationship with owners and tenants.  This has caused us concern on some of the confusing third party stories in the past about other owners and their properties with regarding non paying tenants

When we interview for the role of listing a property as a Marbella long term rental, the number One question wet get asked is ?  Is what happens if the tenant does not pay?

2016 Spain’s Long term rentals laws by Lawyer, Antonio Flores

Again,rather than we explain,  LawBird legal Services has a  breakdown for the procedure and The page to read is “Tennant eviction for Spanish property”

For further reading on Spanish law the Director/lawyer of Lawbird Mr Antonio Flores puts together interesting insights on his blog that is a must read

If we can assist you in any way then please let us know

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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