Marbella Properties for

Marbella properties for has been created to avoid the confusion between renting, buying and selling of your Marbella Real estate.

The deeper we get into media rich marketing the more we understand the importance of the domain name and to where it points to. may be conveying the message that we are only in the Real estate letting business. To make things clearer we have created the offshoot of another video blog called Marbella properties for
Although we as CMH.Properties are still just discovering what a fantastic tool the use of video is in telling the story. The subject of course is your property and if I can persuade you the reader/owner, we feel that the owner conveying the properties benefits to the audience can only help.

We have read the huge statistical Evidence for the consumption of video, so It has to make sense that the domain name suggests that this will be all about sales and listings. Add a .Tv name and a place where owners may explain why they are selling and maybe explain the improvements made along the way will bring an audience/buyers, we are sure of it.

If you agree with us that video is a great way forward in the listing and selling of Real Estate then please get in touch and work with us to get your property video listed

We look forward to talking to you

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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