Marbella Holiday rentals videos

Marbella Holiday rentals

Marbella Holiday rentals

CMH.Properties has the grand idea to give our owners the edge when needing a return on their holiday home investment.  Due to the large amount of competing website’s that have been started in the last few years it obviously makes for good business. The thing is this makes it quite an exercise for the holiday maker making the right choice purely on a few photos and the integrity of the homeowner or  manager in the presentation and description,

Our plan then, is when we become the keys holders/property managers for the holiday home, we will  really give the property, the maximum exposure possible. This will of course include a walk through video and vblog with HD images maps and GPS coordinates

This post is all about the dedicated video portal for your holiday home. Not many I admit as of mid 2017 but we are  now working on obtaining new properties to add to our selection.

Please remember this  Marbella Holiday rentals portfolio  is  going to be the place to get your property really seen.

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