Marbella Estate agents

CMH.Properties for our friends and clients of the British Isles call ourselves  Marbella Estate agents. In other parts of the world  we would call ourselves Marbella Real Estate agent. We would also like let you know that we have gained a wealth of experience since 2008 when the bottom fell out of the market. Our learning about the rental industry came about because, and quite rightly, some of our owners prefer to wait until market recovery. So rather than leaving properties empty, we have often been asked to find seasonal to long  term rental clients. To take it one step further, we are constantly working on the ideal  property video reviews for Marbella long term rentals and Marbella Holiday rentals. As we evolving, growing and learning at the same time, we don’t ever feel that we are nearly there, but  due to encouraging  feedback will work on improving our video reviews and documentary style listings. We believe this will be common place and expected from brokers in the future.

This has enabled to us to surround ourselves with hard working and reliable trades people to provide an all round property service, we call Marbella property management

We are of course involved in property sales and post through the following blogs. Marbella properties for  and Marbella Estate and Marbella Listing 

If you are planning to sell your property we would be honored to interview to list your property

Thank you for your consideration

Charles Mackenzie-Hill 

2 Responses to Marbella Estate agents

  1. Mr Robert Turnbull says:

    Good Evening, just inquiry about a Long Let in Marbella, Ls Monteros Hill Club looked impressive what have you got on offer and what are the monthly prices we would be looking at, for 2 bed 2 bath or 3 bed 2 bath

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