Marbella Long term rentals

If you’re just looking for our Marbella long term rentals inventory please go straight our listings page,

If your you would like to learn more on our thoughts on this side of the industry then please read on. 

Long term rentals in and around Marbella, is evidently a growing industry for various reasons, “well for the foreseeable future anyway ”  We are finding  quite a few owners are not receiving their expected selling price.  Another reason we hear is that  securing finance even now mid 2013 is still somewhat elusive, especially with the Marbella banks. First time Spanish buyers, we have heard due to their friends and family that being in negative equity isn’t  much fun either.

All this means a buoyant long term rental market in our area. I say buoyant, in the understanding that there is demand, but the owner must understand the today’s rental price has also dropped.

How we can help you as a property owner: Firstly our aim is get your property found in the first place. Our main landing page has good search rankings as does Marbella Long term and Marbella long term 

Our term and conditions comes about as the most frequently asked questions and answers.   How do we back this all up? By a reliable team of local trades people through our Marbella property Management.

How do we Market? We go the extra mile and use Camera’s and lenses suitable for Real Estate Photography.  We also learning as we go as amateur videographers how to put together  property video reviews as seen on our Marbella Real   This seems an ongoing creative endeavor that never ends as one learns every time we attempt to document a property in an informative and helpful way.

If your playing with the idea of letting your property for short or long-term then we would  feel privileged to interview for the chance to list your property

Thank you for reading this post

Charles Mackenzie-Hill 


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