Marbella long term rentals

Marbella Long term rentals in and around  Marbella, evidently is a growing industry for various reasons. Mainly as people can’t sell for the prices they would like. Another reason we hear, is  securing finance even now mid 2013 is nearly impossible with the Marbella banks.  The first time Spanish buyers seem to be made aware by friends and family that being in negative equity is much fun either.

All this means a buoyant long term rental market in our area. I say buoyant, in the understanding that there is demand, but the owner must understand the today’s rental price has also dropped.

We have the beginning of a nice portfolio of properties with owners and tenants alike will be happy to provide testament as to how hard we work for both parties.

As CMH. Properties loves to also shoot video. From 2012 , If we have keys to the property, a video will made to help in the letting process. A very powerful tool and if the property is priced right will not be empty for long.
As letting property on a long term bases normally is an eleven months contract in Spain, long term rentals has become a strong part of our business model. We thought by securing the domain name of long term rentals in Marbella, this will also help the owners have somewhere to have their Real Estate video listed.

It’s not compulsory by any means but it would be nice to have the owner/owners talking to me, Charles in a relaxed manner at the property, about the property, its advantages and location and what it like to stay there.

Works wonders and it really helps both parties. The main subject is that the property is available as a long term rental. The owner knows the property well and bought for good reason. The searching tenant will know almost immediately whether this is the correct property. It’s a win win situation.

Mind you there just isn’t always enough time to produce a Rental Real Estate video so CMH.Properties always has a dedicated Long term rentals Marbella landing page which can provide links and further rental units

Our hope is that you agree with us and feel a talk with us either way will at least will not be wasted. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon. Oh! and by the way please stop by for the beginning of our Long term rentals Marbella.Tv  is website video portfolio

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

About Charles Mackenzie-Hill

Charles . Originally from Cirencester in England and educated at Millfield school in Somerset.  Moved to Marbella  Spain 1997. Met Carolina in 2001 we married 2003 and have had since three Children Charlie,Maria and Oliver. Our three Children are all at local Spanish school, For work we are a husband & wife team involved in all things property in the Marbella area. Our prime website can be found at
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